Besides our rules, ImageHex also provides some guidelines to posting.


Content Ratings

Flag your images with the proper content ratings as soon as you upload them. Err on the side of caution if you aren't sure if an image should have a particular flag. The moderators can always un-flag your image if they think it needs it.

  • NSFW - Language: Use this flag if your image contains language that could not be shown on evening television. Minor swearing is permitted without a tag.
  • NSFW - Nudity: Use this flag for exposed genitalia or breasts.
  • NSFW - Sexuality: Use this flag for depictions of sexuality. Most images tagged with this will require the NSFW - Nudity tag as well.
  • NSFW - Gore: This flag is for images containing gore, which includes extreme flesh injuries that don't quite get to the internal organs. Medical imagery should also have this flag, including anatomical studies. Minor injuries, such as scrapes, bruises, and small cuts, do not need to be flagged.

Tags and Tagging

Tags Naming and Tag Creation

  • Give tags a descriptive name.
  • Do not name tags after slang terms or jargon.
    • Especially do not use slang terms of jargon that could be offensive.
  • When tagging fictional people, add a suffix in parenthesis with the franchise name the character is from: "Batman" should be "Batman (DC)".
  • When tagging fictional people which you have created, add your ImageHex username instead. So if the user Anthony were to upload a sketch of a character named "Kelvin", he should tag the character "Kelvin (@anthony)".
  • Do not make tags too specific. For example, instead of creating a tag named "Stained Red Shirt" for an image, instead add the tags "Stained Clothing", "Red Clothing", and "Shirt".

Tagging and Tag Grouping

  • Tag your images as soon as possible and as accurately as possible.
  • Tags in ImageHex are grouped based on the subjects of the image. Typically, the subjects will be characters or people.
  • Do not add large numbers of irrelevant tags to an image in an attempt to get views.