Frequently Asked Questions

What is ImageHex?

See our About page for more information.

Do you have Rules?

Yes. Those are here.

Why should someone use ImageHex?

For artists

We made ImageHex to make handling commissions a better experience for artists.

  • With Commission Requests, the client defines their desired piece with structured data rather than a wall of text. This will hopefully lead to less miscommunication and fewer revisions.

We also have a number of safeguards in place to prevent artists from having their time wasted, for example:

  • Artists can opt to require payment verification before recieving a commission request from a potential client.
  • Prior to the final product, images are watermarked to prevent clients from taking the work.

For clients

Clients interested in commissioning artwork can use ImageHex to find creators they like, easily open a detailed commission, and pay without worrying about their information being insecure.

Is it secure to pay through ImageHex?

Yep! We handle payments using Stripe, so your payment information won't ever touch our servers.

Is there a mobile app?

A mobile app is on the roadmap, but the focus right now is on building a fully-featured web app.

How can I make sure my account is as secure as possible?

Anyone who has connected their payment information to ImageHex in order to either accept or pay for commissions should ensure that their password is secure: the longer your password is, the better. We also strongly recommend that you enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account. This guarantees that – even if someone else gets your password – they won't be able to access your account without physical access to your 2FA device.